FREE TRAINING: Tuesday May 22nd, 2018 @ 4:00pm PST 
John Rood Presents...
Amazon Success Formula

Tuesday, May 22nd

@ 4:00PM PST, 7:00PM EST

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John Rood

8-Figure Amazon Entrepreneur
What You Will Learn On This Live Training:
How to Turn Struggling Products Into Money Makers
Discover John's straight forward strategies for turning struggling products into best sellers! Identify where your product is on the roadmap to success, and simply follow the instructions to reach your profit goals.
The 3 Easy Steps To Get Any Product Selling 
There are 3 easy steps that need to be followed, in order, to make any product launch easy and successful. John is breaking down each phase on this webinar. By the end, you should be able to identify exactly where you are at in your own journey, and what the next steps are.
The Roadmap To Success On Amazon No Matter The Niche
Learn the paint-by-numbers system John developed to launch new Amazon businesses from scratch and turn them into money making machines! Most sellers are intimidated by Amazon’s ranking algorithms, but if you know how they work you can easily take action to improve your sales. When you learn this secret, successfully selling on Amazon is easily attainable.
On this free live training I'm is giving away my step-by-step Amazon Success Formula. 

What is it? 

It’s a complete guide to the treasure buried deep within the Amazon Jungle. Just follow the map 🗺 (Formula) and X marks the spot! 

I discovered this process working with dozens of coaching clients. Over the last 3 years, this Amazon Success Formula, has been tested on each student to isolate what works universally and what doesn’t.

Finally, after three years, it is finished and I am so excited to release it to the public for the very first time.

This Formula is meant to take you from anywhere in your success journey, all the way to best seller, on any product.

 It is a universal guide that works on any Amazon product and can be used to boost sales, no matter the niche and no matter how fierce the competition. 

By itself, the Checklist won’t make you succeed with your product, you need to understand each element and how they are interdependent. That’s why John is breaking this entire Formula down on this webinar. 
* limited spots available - only 200 spots for this webinar *
Who is John Rood? Watch this video to find out! 
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John Rood
8-Figure Amazon Entrepreneur,
CEO & Founder of Kibly, 
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